Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Rainbow Blanket

I fell in love with making blankets after making the Attic24's granny stripe a few years ago. I decided we needed another one, and a big one to boot! I wanted something we could all snuggle up on the sofa together through the cold winters.

It had to be big, it had to be soft and it HAD to be COLOURFUL!!!!

I wanted a rainbow... but it took me a long time to work out exactly which colours would be perfect.

This was the first attempt...

I relied too much on the Stylecraft stock pictures, when the yarn arrived it just wasn't right...
So after a lot of playing around, searching Ravely to compare pictures of  the colours made up into final projects, I settled on this

These are all Stylecraft Special DK and colours left to right are Magenta, Bluebell, Turquoise, Meadow, Spice, Saffron and Lipstick. I bought two of each and sat down ready to start the loooooonnnnnnggggg starting chain!
I wanted to do another Neat Ripple by Attic 24 but I wanted to do something a little different. I has seen some blankets with a gradual colour change on stripes, where the colours interlock.
So I wanted it to be the length of our 3 seater sofa, which would be 21 waves, so a massive 297 starting chain!

It gradually grew...

And grew...

Until it was done (it did take a good few months!)

The colour pattern was as follows:
Row 1 - Lipstick
Row 2 - Magenta
Row 3 & 4 - Lipstick
Row 5 - Spice
Row 6 - Lipstick
Row 7 & 8 - Spice
Row 9 - Saffron
Row 10 - Spice
Row 11 & 12 - Saffron
Row 13 - Meadow
Row 14 - Saffron
Row 15 & 16 - Meadow
Row 17 - Turquoise
Row 18 - Meadow
Row 19 & 20 - Turquoise
Row 21 - Bluebell
Row 22 - Turquoise
Row 23 & 24 - Bluebell
Row 25 - Magenta
Row 26 - Bluebell
Row 27 & 28 - Magenta
Then start from row 1 again...
Each 28 row is around 30cm and I did 5 repeats measuring a total of 150cm.
I just did a simple filling in the ripples in Magenta, then a simple single row of DC border in Bluebell. I felt that the blanket was bright and busy enough no to need much of a fancy border.
I oh I do LOVE this blanket, its used by the children in the day for naps, forts and general playing, and evening what's better than to snuggle up under a rainbow blanket to watch a bit of TV.
In total the blanket measures 190cm wide by 150cm long, it took around 14 balls of Stylecraft Special DK and unknown hours of loving crochet, but I couldn't be happier!

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